Gertrude Laherty

A young woman with a Beast of a secret.


Appearing as a young woman with beauty that borders on inconsiderate, not a few young necks have broken the sound barrier turning in her direction. She is, in reality, several hundred years old, and while she appears human, is nothing of the sort. She is a Trox, a large, insect-like creature covered in a many-layered plated exoskeleton.


Gertrude does not speak, as her true form, that of a Trox, is incapable of normal speech. They simply lack the biology for it. She is, however, a kind woman, and has a motherly, nurturing disposition. A scholar at heart, she spends her days reading in earnest, when she is not out hunting for food with her husband, Dennis Laherty. Together with her husband, she governs the city-state of Ettelbase, concerned mostly with aspects of culture within the city walls.

Gertrude Laherty

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