A dark-skinned Tiefling, and a member of the Party


Overall the physique of my upper body is that of a very lean human. I am covered from head to toe with scales and they are all black with the exception of my face which has a dark gray mark extending from the center. I have no hair anywhere on my body, including eyebrows and head. I have two horns extending from the upper part of my forehead that curve pack to become parallel with my scalp. My eyes are opaque blood red with predator pupils. My hands are relatively unremarkable other than being black and scaled. My lower body is more designed for speed and dexterity than a human’s, I have a long and dexterous tail about 4 feet long, that allows me to grab and retrieve items from my person. My legs are more akin to hind legs found on a hunting quadruped. With clawed “paws” and long legs that have 2 joins. One where the usual nee would be and another reversed joint between the need and the “paw”.

I wear no armor, simply black Monk’s outfit with a black cloak, a backpack and a Nine-Ring Broadsword on my hip.