Xisera Charnix

An indulgent Succubus, and member of the Party


A pale, thin woman, Xisera is much more hale and healthy than she initially appears. Her black wings can fold and unfold, but cannot grant flight unless she sustains them with the life energy of other beings once per day. As is the case with many succubi, Xisera’s physical charms exceed many, if not all, mortal standards.


Xisera never really knew her parents. She grew up in an orphanage with other succubi in the underworld and she grew quickly “in many ways”. She has now been in the over world for a long time. She have never really settled in one spot but has always roamed from town to town. She does what shes pleases and doesn’t really care what others do if they don’t mess with her. She is very good at talking and “convincing” others of what they should do, so most of the time she gets what she wants.

Xisera Charnix

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