Xa'ataeru, the Lakedreamer

A dextrous Lu'dor, and a member of the Party.


Race: Lu’dor
An elusive humanoid species with heavily patterned bluish-grey skin, notably sharp canines, somewhat elongated but rounded ears, large cat-like eyes, and a long, tufted, flicking tail. Overall, they have a rather feral, animalistic appearance, and often seen as stand-offish, due to their seclusive nature. They isolate themselves to their kin only, and are often hostile to even accidental trespassing on their territories. They are not overly curious of the outside world, instead preferring the company and preservation of their families.They are crepuscular (active mostly at dawn/dusk).
The Lu’dor do not have a spoken language of their own; they typically communicate through body language and gestures, and only recently adopted the Common tongue after contact with other cultures a couple centuries ago.


A lone Lu’dor woke by a frosted lake high in the mountains. With no recollection and only her survival instincts to guide her, she fashioned a makeshift bow to hunt and survive within the chilly forest. With long hours spent evading timberwolves and bears, the Lu’dor’s evasion and stealth grew, allowing her to sneak by tribesmen in the nearby village, and sneaking away a staff/halberd to better defend herself.

On a hunt one evening, the Lu’dor found themself face to face with a pack of wolves. Though young, their challenge over a downed ibex was not to be overlooked. The elder wolf proved too much for the young hunter, and she would have perished if not for a roc(?) that swooped the wolves, scattering them and allowing her to escape.

Nearby villagers alerted by the commotion pulled the Lu’dor to their village, nursing the youngling. She explained her sudden appearance at the lake and missing memory, and the villagers dubbed the young Lu’dor “Xa’taeri”, a word meaning Lakedreamer/Lakestalker. Impressed with her vitality and spirit, the villagers gave her hides to wear through the winter, as well as properly made longbow. Come the spring melt, she left the village to rumours of tailed humanoids further south down the mountain, in search of kin or people wiser than she on her identity.

Xa'ataeru, the Lakedreamer

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