How far would you go to find your past?

Dalloria. A country on the brink of anarchy. Every town, from the grand metropolitan cities, to the tiny uneventful hamlets, are separated socially and politically. There is still trade, and travel between cities is still commonplace, but each region deals with its own problems its own ways.

In such a world, grew strife. In such a world, kingdoms could rise and fall with nobody ever knowing. In such a world, was born the Red Divinity.

7 years ago, they appeared, bearing a banner with a burning halo. With a promise of peace and happiness for the world, they raised others to their cause. In defence of this cause, they slaughtered countless innocents, running rivers red, claiming that an end to all things would bring the peace Dalloria so desperately needed. They tore down religious establishments, and publicly executed political leaders and their families. They succeeded in making the people fear them, but failed in making the people respect them.

5 years ago, an army banded together, comprised of farmers, merchants, adventurers, mercenaries, and more from the many city-states. The Heroes of Dalloria, as simple a name as it was, was theirs to claim. They fought a great battle, which ended in a catastrophic explosion. A last-ditch effort by the Divinity. None were believed to have survived that day. A massive cloud, miles across, made of necrotic gas, cut through the land. The Red Scar, they called it. Only the dead were believed to exist within the fog, wandering aimlessly.
…until a few survivors wandered out, with no memory to satisfy.

This unfortunate party took on the mantle of adventurers, and chose to seek out answers, discover what purpose they had in the battle, and potentially what had happened at the Scar. With forces light and dark both hunting them, they would seek to unravel a mystery that kept the entire province on edge. Just what happened the day of the battle that brought such a climactic end, and did any other members of the Heroes or the Divinity survive?

Memories of the Faithful

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